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Major Corporation Backed Cloud Cameras Compromised Again

Major Corporation Backed Cloud System Compromised Again

It seems to becoming cliche, however, another major corporation backed cloud based camera system was compromised again in 2020. ADT, one of the top home security companies in the United States, had an employee login into security cameras of over 200 customers to watch naked females around the their home and sexual encounters within the homes.

Gizomodo reports:

A former employee of prominent home security company ADT has admitted that he hacked into the surveillance feeds of dozens of customer homes, doing so primarily to spy on naked women or to leer at unsuspecting couples while they had sex.

Telesforo Aviles, 35, pleaded guilty to a count of computer fraud in federal court this week, confessing that he inappropriately accessed the accounts of customers some 9,600 times over the course of several years. He is alleged to have done this to over 200 customers.

Authorities say that the IT technician “took note of which homes had attractive women, then repeatedly logged into these customers’ accounts in order to view their footage for sexual gratification.” He did this by adding his personal email address to customer accounts, which ultimately hooked him into “real-time access to the video feeds from their homes.”

Aviles, who now faces up to five years in prison, sometimes “claimed he needed to add himself temporarily in order to ‘test’ the system; in other instances, he added himself without their knowledge,” officials said.

What We Can Learn from Major Corporation Backed Cloud Based Camera Systems

When designing camera and cloud based camera systems, there are two major security considerations.

One, is the technology. There are many who believe that a secure cloud-based system is not only possible but preferable. This is only true insofar as that all transit points to someone else’s computer is secure, the data itself is encrypted, and the cloud based machine is not compromised. While there are advantages to cloud-based computing, the question of it being preferable is one of use case.

The second component to major corporation backed cloud based camera systems is the individuals that run and operate these systems. As nearly all hackers know, the weakest link in any system is the human element, and this knowledge leads to something called “social engineering.” One of the great insights from this field is that people are subject to emotions, to whims, to patterns, and are generally easily manipulated if they are not expecting any problems.

However, if the hackers are inside the systems, or the people in charge are the ones who are easily manipulated by outside forces, how does one digitally defend their most precious commodity of home data? In that case, who watches the watchers? Can you ever be sure that the company you’re relying on to secure your home is not compromised? Or what if they decide to cancel your access to your own data based on any vague statement in their “Terms of Use”?

How We Change Home Data Problem

At Bestie Bot, we take another route. Your data never leaves your home, meaning there is no reliance on 3rd parties who may or may not be handling your data with bad intentions. They can neither compromise your service, or take it away from you. If your data never leaves your home, and your own network is protected, there’s no way for someone “out there” to make a game of what happens in your personal life. And after all, when it comes to games, sometimes the only winning move is not to play.