Did you know?

Did you know that almost 1 in 4 Americans today are taking care of someone in a home with a disability like Alzheimers or Autism?

We at Bestie Bot do.

The co-founders of Bestie Bot, Richard and Sugey, have over 15 years experience leading an internationally recognized non-profit that works with individuals with disabilities. They personally also have a son with a form of autism that requires life-long attention and care. They have many friends facing the same challenges with either Alzheimers or autism, with many of the same questions being asked.

“What else can I do?”, “Are we making the right decisions?”, or the big one: “What happens if I die?”

This is why they started Bestie Bot.

The Mission

Bestie Bot builds tools that help individuals live with dignity, whether that is by protecting their identities and data, or by building environments that fully support their daily lives.

The Bestie I (and Bestie II)

While developing the full platform, Bestie Bot decided to release the first part of the platform as a developer tool to free those that work on the cutting edge of technology to play with a truly open home data system. We take inspiration from the initials builds of the Apple I which used wood casing for housing and were made for the tech hobbyist’s at the local Homebrew Computer Club.

Bestie Bot can’t disclose much at this time about the Bestie II, however, we can say that we are building the next step in utilizing a centralized brain within the home.

Co-Founder, CEO

Richard Everts

Richard Everts serves as the CEO and current CTO for Bestie Bot. His award winning work spans artificial intelligence, 3D, web development film and video, UX, design and more. His favorite gaming company of all time is Sierra, but he's spent way too much of his life playing Microprose's Civilization series as well.

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer

Sugey Cruz, JD

Sugey Cruz supports Bestie Bot as the Chief Customer Office. She is president of the Tommy Foundation and an international speaker on autism and other disabilities. She is also an award winning actress, director, and producer.

Industrial Design Advisor

Sophie Cheam

Sophie is the CEO of Hardware Fuel, and created the unique and original designs coming in the Bestie II.

Scientific Advisor

George Demiris, PhD

George is an award winning professor at UPenn's School of Nursing and is a member of the US National Academy of Medicine.

Hardware Engineer

Bill Eckman

Bill works on multiple hardware engineering projects for NASA, and some of his work has helped systems fly past Pluto on the New Horizons spacecraft.

Data Engineer

Julia Kelman, M.S.

Julia works on multiple data engineering and neuro-marketing parts of the company. She is a recent graduate of the General Assembly data science program and has an MS from Columbia University in Neuroscience and Education.

ML Engineer

Ashton Sperry, PhD

Ashton works on developing cutting edge AI algorithms, and has a PhD specializing in Game Theory.