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The Bestie I
Developer tool to help manage home data
Cloud Free. Open standards. Off-pattern alerts.
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Key Developer Benefits

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  1. Gather building data safely

    Using any programming language, contact your brain on the local network via its web API to talk to any custom app you build in your home… cloud free.

  2. Discover and react to your habits

    Learn patterns in your behaviors, and automatically get alerts when something happens off-pattern. Test your own ML ideas with the built-in classifiers, regressors, and LSTM.

  3. Expandable through plugins

    Add 3rd party modules or create your own to expand your brain’s tracking capabilities, with Phillips Hue Bridge tracking already built in.

  4. Open system design

    Lots of documentation, but most importantly, admin access to your device for adventure-seeking heroes. Also, a full range of ports and top-level access for only the bravest adventurers. Save early, save often, and ye be warned.

  5. iOS support

    The iOS app will support Phillips Hue Bridges, and an expanding skills base. Alerts and more already integrated, and Android support coming soon.

Integrated Erana Web API

Manage your home data with Castles, Rooms, Items, Actions, Grimoires, Pattern Scrolls and more using any web compatible language you know best.

Your data for your custom apps, stored in your home.

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AI First Design

Easily activate Machine Learning on your data, manage off-pattern alerts, or run your own experiments locally.

You’re in control of the AI.

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Optimized Specs

2 Ghz

More speed on quad cores makes this a powerful punch for tasks


Run more applications and machine learning models at the same time. 32-bit, 4GB per process.

120 GB SSD

Goodbye Micro-SD. Hello SSD speed and reliability.

4K Output Available

Full 4K video is supported from the device.

Inside Bestie I

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Each Bestie I case is almost entirely hand-made solid red-oak, custom stained in mahogany, and assembled with love and attention to detail. That means there are some variances for every device assembly, making it unique like you.

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